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Gems-Beauty - The Perfectionist in Eyebrow Embroidery works

Hey ladies,

Are you tired of waking up 45 minutes earlier in the morning just to draw your eyebrow before work?

Bet you wish to have an easier way out of this daily chore, agreed?

Or are you going online to search high and low on the different types of eyebrow embroidery information such as;

- identifying the cheapest eyebrow embroidery in Singapore as you are looking for value-for-money eyebrow services?

- Scouting for korean eyebrow embroidery provider with most good reviews by their customers?

- determining the ideal eyebrow shape and eyebrow services to match your face and appearance?

- or just starting out to gather details on eyebrow embroidery before making a decision if its suitable for you?

Look here now - we definitely have something for you!

I guess you must come across technical jargon unfamiliar to you.

Don’t worry, you are not alone out there.  It confusing enough to understand the various types of eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore, let alone pick one that you feel comfortable with.  Fret not, we will try to simplify eyebrow embroidery to help you make that informed decision.

In it simplest terms, eyebrow embroidery is a form of semi permanent embroidery that involves adding coloured pigment to the surface of your skin (eyebrow) to give eyebrows a look of natural thickness and/or volume.

It was only not so long ago that the trend picked up over 10 years ago in Asian and is quite the rage now across the globe.  One country commonly associated with eyebrow embroidery have to be South Korea, so much so that you may at times hear people refer such services to as Korean eyebrow embroidery and hear many endorsement with popular Korean celebrities.

Your eyes are the window to your soul - eyebrows are one of the main facial focal point when someone meets you for the first time and you can modify the appearance of your face dramatically by having a matching eyebrow embroidery.  Admittedly, not all of us are blessed with perfect balanced eyebrows from mother nature therefore one common mistake made by ladies is to over-pluck them, leaving scanty or ill-formed eyebrows.  Semi permanent eyebrow embroidery is one of the solution proposed to people with the need. It does not matter if you are a guy looking for eyebrow embroidery men services, we will discuss and treat both the sexes with equality in this article.

Lets check out the different eyebrow services below:

1) Microblading Eyebrow Embroider

Have you heard of microblading, microstroking or 3D eyebrow embroidery?

Microblading eyebrow embroidery has really taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. A highly natural-looking brow is achieved using a hand-held tool to create many hair-like impressions through implanting pigment strokes under the skin to enhance the eyebrow feature of both men and women.  The pigment seeps into the second layer of the skin, thereby creating a beautiful color tone that resembles perfectly applied facial cosmetics.  Depending on the number of strokes applied, the treatment can be termed as 3D to 6D eyebrow embroidery.

One can think of it as cosmetic tattooing very fine lines onto your eyebrow to make it look like your natural brow hairs in short.  Your eyebrows has that “raw natural” look, a new trend gaining acceptance in today’s world.  Nothing too fake works now.

Treatments can last for around 1-2 years depending on a variety of factors such as skin type, exposure to sunlight and importantly maintenance regime.  The ink color will fade over time - faster for some though - hence it is recommended that a touch-up be performed every 12-18 months to protect the colour.  Some eyebrow embroidery saloons offer a free touch-up to clients within 90 days of the procedure, so its good to ask them if they do provide such services.

Going through this procedure once means you no longer have to spend hours pencilling in your own eyebrow in all form, shape and sizes (some terribly drawn ones too).  After the eyebrow service, you can throw in an extra hour of sleep in the morning, no more eyebrow and make-up trouble to begin your working day, ladies.

This is most fitting for ladies and guys blessed with a fair amount of brow hair to begin with. Others who opt for microblading embroidery are for example sports enthusiasts or those with active lifestyle, people with sensitive skin or allergies, people with visual impairments who find it difficult to draw eyebrow.

Good: eyebrows have a very natural look about it especially if done by an experienced professional, this is because every stroke of it looks like real hair on its own on first glance.

Bad: When compared, microblading eyebrows are the least permanent treatment and  Clients may require more touch-up compared than other techniques.  Do take note that microblading is also less effective on oily & combination skin types.


microblading eyebrow embroidery is ideal for someone:

-  who has thin or patchy brows naturally

-  who wants a more subtle enhancement to eyebrow

-  who does not wish to always draw their eyebrows

2) Ombre Eyebrow Embroidery (aka Misty eyebrow)

Ombre Powder Brows, also commonly known as “Misty eyebrow” are a form of semi permanent eyebrow embroidery, giving a soft powder-filled eyebrow that resembles a fresh make-up look.  The tails of the brows are usually drawn darker and fades into lighter shade towards the brow, where it obtains Ombre name.

While this technique has been around for decades, “Misty” korean embroidery is improving over the years and getting more popular in recent times in Singapore.  In short, the “Misty eyebrow is more like a traditional tattoo in that it involves the application of thousands of tiny dots pigment into the skin, that give rise to a rich colour tone and defined eyebrow shape.

According to eyebrow experts, this is most suitable for ladies with little or absolutely no brow hair at all.  Saviour is here for them finally!

Good: Ombre eyebrow is somewhat like traditional tattoo as it comes with longer lasting results and works with virtually all skin types, including oily or combination skin.  Clients come back lesser for colour boosts.  After embroidery, the eyebrows look fuller, more defined than the microblading method.

Bad: Frankly, some may have a bad impression of this procedure and are fearful that this method is unnatural.  However, it does create a more defined look for eyebrow than microblading embroidery alone.  In fact, “misty” brows can look very natural by not saturating the desired brow shape 100% with its pigment, this will allow for a defined yet softer look.


Misty eyebrow embroidery is ideal for someone:

- who has oily or combination skin

- who fills in eyebrows regularly with pencil or shadow as it mimics the look of filled-in brows

- who has little brow hairs

3) Microshading Eyebrow

The middle ground is the softer enhanced version of microblading known as microshading, a combination of the “Misty” powder brows and microblading procedures.  In addition to tattooing in lines, you also draw in dots between the lines that leads to a fuller brows with more density.

This brow service would technically suit ladies with little to sparse and/or super fine hair and yet want to achieve natural and fluffy looking brows. Its quite a crowd favourite in our Sunny Singapore.

Good: The combination of microbladded hair strokes and powder fill gives an incredibly natural looking brow.  It's a bit more defined and filled in than just straight microbladded eyebrows and at the same time a bit less solid than the Ombre powder fill.

Bad: The hybrid method is going to cost more than the other two methods and take a longer procedure time for best effects.


Hybrid eyebrow embroidery is ideal for someone:

- who wish for a customized eyebrow look based on your desired look, skin type, colouring and face contour.  Always remember that there are no two clients with the exact same eyebrows, hence you get to have something that matches your facial features if done by a professional who knows her stuff well.


Well, like I always say there is no best eyebrow embroidery out there because what suits you may not be entirely fitting for another person even your blood sister, agreed?

So there is no perfect answer on what is the perfect korean semi permanent eyebrow embroidery but rather it more important to consult a truly professional with experience as often they are the one who will determine your success or failure on the final product.

Most of the clients usually already have something in mind.  But often than not, they would end up opting for a different solution to the one they initially wanted because there are so many variables when it comes to determining the best type of eyebrow patterns, thickness and tone for each and every individual.

The ability to determine which eyebrow embroidery service, eyebrow shape and type will best suit you, no matter what facial features you have is a skill and a art form.

To us, it is all about creating the best possible eyebrows for each and every face type – a completely bespoke, 100% tailored approach for every single individual who walks through our doors!

If you’re looking for eyebrow embroidery in Singapore but are unsure or uncertain about what to choose, click on below ways to connect with us and let us help you make the right choice.

Hope to see you real soon!


With love from Summer


Mobile: +65 8526 1766

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